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Personal Statement

Monday, September 12, 2011

Kid Stuff: Fun Kid Spaces

Pinned a bunch of random stuff to Pinterest over the weekend. (I have been informed that the "permanent links" to my boards that Pinterest provides and I have faithfully copied to this site are beyond useless, so right after this post I am going to add a stand-alone post with "how to find me on Pinterest" instructions.)

Love, love, LOVE this girls' room . . . for obvious reasons.

Wonder Woman's golden lasso makes me think of rope, and rope makes me think of twine, and twine makes me think of this easy but high-impact kid decor idea:

Step 1: Hammer nails into wall.

Step 2: Tie twine between nails.

Step 3: Clip stuff to twine with binder clips. This example uses alphabet flash cards, but greeting cards or anything printed on stiff paper would work just as well.

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