Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Den/Office Remodel

Yay, the home office is finished!

Curtains need steamed, but I have made my peace with the color. New bookcase is in place next to P's desk, and all of his books and tsotchkes are organized (wonder how long THAT will last?).

This is the best shot that I could get of the actual wall color, which - depending on the time of day - is taupe with a little purple in it, taupe with a LOT of purple in it, gray or green.

I lucked into the switchplate colors - not a special order, just sitting there waiting for me on the shelves at Lowe's.

The original two "bears holding fish" (Mexico edition, top, and Canada edition, bottom) have been restored to their places of honor over the television, sharing space with a couple of P's Fantasy Football trophies.

This bookcase now holds DVDs, board games and other "family stuff," around the corner and out of the way of P's work area.

The old art is back on the walls, including this framed legal print featuring a cow. It was a gift to P from my parents, and it perfectly suits my husband, an attorney from a family of lawyers who grew up on a ranch full o' Herefords.

Another cattle-themed piece of art came from the Laguna Gloria in Austin. We had to have it, because it had a Hereford on it.

Somehow, notwithstanding the fact that we added a ginormous bookcase to one wall, I managed to free up more wall space for stuff like this:

Took this photo out of our wedding album, which we look at approximately zero times per year. Why leave great stuff like a shot of me being mauled by our groomsmen (with the best man taking a hit off of a champagne bottle) in a dusty ol' book, right? P was a little confused as to why I wanted to frame this particular shot, since he's not in it, but I think it's a nice addition to the room, and nicely illustrates the point that I have reclaimed a portion of P's home office for myself and the rest of the McGlinchey clan.

Now . . . let's see how long it takes for him to trash it and constructively evict me from the premises!

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