Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween House

House is ready for Halloween.

Black cat collection has outstripped the pumpkin collection:

But there are punks aplenty.

And witches, lots of witches:

Also skeletons. Can't forget the skeletons. And spiders.

Looking forward to a Halloweekend packed with awesome activities: elementary school storybook parade and carnival, Jen's over-the-top Halloween bash, Boo at the Zoo, pumpkin carving, a fa-boo-lous Sunday brunch honoring birthday girl Alex and Halloween night with the frimily.

Parker has his costumes ready. Yes, costumes, plural. One of the benefits of being the younger brother is that you inherit a lot of costumes. Costumes that your friends have never seen. Thus, we dressed up as Batman Beyond for the Eyeington's Halloween party this weekend:

Mom is . . . um . . . a cross between Batgirl and Harley Quinn? I got nothin'. I just wanted an excuse to buy the wig.

We have a second costume planned for storybook parade, and a third on tap for the weekend. Yup, fun to be the little bro, for sure.

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