Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's On . . .

. . . like a prawn at dawn. Connor has committed to an at-home, "Psych"-themed eleventh birthday party. (We flirted with laser tag; however, he really has his eye on some bigger ticket birthday items, which in the grand scheme of things would be good purchases, but I couldn't pass up the teaching moment and spelled out the economics for him - no laser tag exponentially increases the possibility, nay, PROBABILITY, that I will consent to said purchases.)

Invite, I think, will be a full-sized manila folder transported in a manila envelope. (We're only inviting a handful of kids, most of whom are in his class, so excess postage isn't an impediment.) And this will be mounted to the front of the folders:

Yeah, that's all I've got. Well, that, and a new-school take on "Clue" that I picked up on a clearance end cap at Super Target. Neat concept - although you can play the normal way, you can also play with a cell phone, and after you call in to a specific number they will text you periodic clues. There's a small charge, but I told Connor that we would would spring for it on party day for sure.

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