Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Monday, July 28, 2014

Culturally Mormon(ish): Church Lady

Huh.  Two Dana Carvey-related posts, almost in a row.

Everything old is new again.

Spent my first week post-Facebook making robots out of recyclables.

Lots of robots.

32 of them, to be precise.

They were part of the room décor for First Methodist's "Workshop of Wonders" VBS.  I also made:

32 copies of this door poster:

32 "Scan Your Hand Here" signs (also for classroom doors);

Several hundred W.O.W.-related photo props:

Hanging LEGOs like these (mine were more 3D):

along with hanging Tinker Toys (made from pool noodles and white Styrofoam plates); and

Giant pool noodle pencils and countless cardstock gears and paper airplanes:

Favorite VBS-related things that I have made?  Probably these guys (teacher's aide in a kindergarten classroom and fourth grade camper, respectively):

The fourth-grader is looking (1) ridiculously like his maternal grandfather in this picture and (2) also somewhat sour, because evidently making him pose for this photo caused him to drop a pepperoni roll on the pavement.  (We got him another pepperoni roll, and tossed the original one behind a bush for the birds to enjoy.  All's well that ends well.)

All total this summer, I have spent:

1)  Approximately 40 hours on VBS exec board-related stuff;

2) Another 40-plus hours as a member of the youth minister search team; and

3) One memorable evening making sliders for the middle school youth mission trip (and almost catching the oven on fire in the newly renovated Justin youth building - long story).

During this time period, I have maybe stepped foot in the sanctuary three times?  But I think that, under the circumstances, I am excused.

Not bad for a former "Christmas-and-Easter-only" Catholic with a deep-seated skepticism about organized religion?  If, twelve years ago, you would have told me that I would have first-name privileges with the senior staff of a Protestant church, OF WHICH I WAS A MEMBER, I would have laughed.  Or checked you for a fever.

Me as a church lady.  Isn't that special.

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