Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tempting Fate

Whilst being forced to watch "Sharknado 2" with Little Kid, I perused the fourth grade school supply list, inventoried what we had left over from last year - and discovered that we have 70% of the list knocked out.

His backpack is in good condition, and Big Kid's will at least get him started.  Don't think he wants to be the first-day freshman with the shiny new backpack, anyway, so it's a win-win if I wait until his rather overpriced go-to pack goes on sale in early fall.  (He will only consent to one model, the Element Mohave Duo Skate-Pack.  Current version looks like the one below.)

Little Kid did manage to outgrow all of his school clothes, so he has, like, one size-appropriate navy polo to his name.  Make that had one size-appropriate navy polo, because now he has several, in both navy and white, plus jeans and shorts, because Old Navy decided to put polos, shorts and jeans on sale for $5, $8 and $10, respectively.  I usually miss out on their sale, and the prices tend to slide up a bit going into tax-free weekend, so I hit the "buy" button several times and am not sorry that I did.  Threw in some solid colored polos for Big Kid, applied a 25% discount coupon and finished 70% (or more) of our back-to-school shopping in a couple of clicks.

I should be looking upwards, right?  For the other shoe that is about to come crashing down on my head?

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