Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Monday, July 28, 2014

Culturally Mormon(ish): Second Week Post-Facebook

I remembered what I did before social media.


For reals:  once upon a time, I was hardcore into it.  And then I fell off of the wagon.

Needlework reentered my life when Big Kid advised me that the new couch throw, which (eureka!) had proven itself Dorgi Dog-proof, was unraveling (sob!) due to "child abuse."  (Neither child would admit to such abuse, but the evidence, nevertheless, was there.)  In my search for a needle with an eye large enough to facilitate my darning-based rescue efforts, I opened the needlework kit that was shoved into the back of the craft closet for the first time in, maybe, ten years?  I didn't immediately find a needle - but I did take note of an unfinished needlepoint canvas, six large pieces of cross-stitch fabric and beacoups of yarn and embroidery floss.

I resolved to pick up needlework again, as soon as I procured an appropriate needle.

I "fixed" the unraveling throw blanket with a couple of messy knots.  (Meh, it's not like we're fancy around here.)

And then, as I started packing up the needlework kit . . . I found a needle.  So I began to stitch.

I'm still stitching.  Working on a Christmas gift and a baby gift, with other projects in the on-deck circle.   And thinking that "Culturally Mormon(ish)" is morphing into "Culturally Amish(ish)."

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