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Personal Statement

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Adventures in Party Planning: Color Wheel Party

This month's installment of Keno was color-themed, with everyone being encouraged to bring monochromatic or other "color-creative" gifts. LOVED IT, and it has encouraged me to share a few things that have been lurking on my hard drive. Before I had the color wheel cupcake photo (taken from Better Homes and Gardens's Web site) on my hard drive, I had a paper clipping of a similar image in a notebook; probably still have it somewhere. I have been meaning to use this one for some time, but the stars just haven't aligned. The paint-chip table covering I HAVE used, and it was super-cute. Also kind of fun to collect the paint chips. But, if you are like me and feel guilty about ridiculously silly things like appropriating paint chips, it can be a long process. You have to remember to pick up a few EVERY time you stop by Wal-Mart, Home Depot or Lowe's. But only a few, so as not to incur the wrath of the Paint Chip Police - if they actually exist. (They exist in my mind, and they are STRICT.)

Instead of pre-decorating the cupcakes and arranging them in a wheel, you could substitute a DIY concept: fill paper or foil cupcake liners with colored cupcake toppings (sprinkles, M&Ms and Mike & Ikes separated into single colors, etc.) and then arrange those into a color wheel. Serve the cupcakes "naked" with a big vat of white icing. It's a snack, it's an activity - it's a snacktivity. LOVE snacktivities.

Another fun idea (not pictured) is a crayon color wheel. (I am NOT proposing this one as a snacktivity; I do not endorse the consumption of crayons, non-toxic or not.) Fill galvanized tin mini-buckets with single colors of crayons (stock up on multiple boxes in August when the back-to-school stuff hit the shelves), and arrange them in the same fashion as the cupcakes in the picture above. Give everyone a big sheet of white drawing paper as a placemat, and let them go to town. This one would satisfy guests of all ages - who DOESN'T like to color?

I cannot for the life of me find the Web site from which I obtained this adorable idea (which I intended to use for Parker's Harry Potter birthday, before Parker's Harry Potter birthday morphed into "Batman Birthday Party Deux"). Put a few drops of food coloring in the bottom of each cup, camouflage the food coloring with ice cubes, and then instruct the guests to add the fizzy clear beverage of their choice (Sprite, ginger ale, whatever). Boom - brightly colored fizzy lifting drinks, straight outta Oompa Loompa Land.

These paint chip cookies came from Bake at 350's site. Love them so much that I want to marry them. My married name will be Kathryn Paint Chip Cookie. We are registered at Williams-Sonoma and King Arthur Flour.

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