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Personal Statement

Friday, January 14, 2011

Things I'm Digging: Stuff in Fort Worth


1)  TCU.  How 'bout dem Frogs?  Their Rose Bowl victory, I will admit, was just a tad bittersweet for me, because - while I adore my adopted hometown of Fort Worth, my Frog-filled family-by-marriage, and, by extension, their alma mater - I couldn't turn off the voice in my brain that kept saying, "Remember when the 'Horns played at the Rose Bowl?  Remember when we won the national championship, and all of that confetti dumped on Vince Young's head?"  What a difference five years makes.  For the record:  I have strong opinions about Mack Brown (I give him all of the credit in the world for recruiting VY and Colt McCoy and then having the brains to get out of their way, BUT . . . when called upon to ACTUALLY COACH, he proved himself ONE HECKUVA RECRUITER, didn't he?), Greg Davis (umm . . . this is a family-friendly blog, so I'll keep those opinions to myself) and Will Muschamp (umm . . . see "Greg Davis").  However, today's theme is "Things I'm Digging," not "Things That Bug," so how 'bout dem Frogs?  And how about Andy Dalton?  What a class-act of a quarterback.   Classy coach, too.  Proud of all of them, and pleased as punch for all of the TCU alums in my life.

In honor of the Froggies, I decorated for our family-only (Grandma, Nana, Granddad and Gigi) New Year's Eve "blunch" in purple, white and red (for the Rose Bowl, duh):

I made mimosas with blood orange juice, because I thought that orange would clash with all of the red.  Here's a tip:  don't make mimosas with blood orange juice.  Blech and double-blech.  Next time - regular orange juice, red food coloring.

My attempt at themed desserts met with greater success.  Dessert #1:  purple cookie boys with "Rah Rah TCU" stamped into the dough.  (No picture today, as I am planning on working them into another blog post.)  Dessert #2 came courtesy of . . .

2)  The new Nothing Bundt Cakes on Camp Bowie:  It's open!  And do you know what's better than a husband who offers to go to the bank for you on December 30th?  A husband who goes to the bank for you on December 30th, notices that the new Nothing Bundt Cakes store has opened next door and has the presence of mind to call you and ask if you want him to pick up a cake for the blunch that you are hosting on December 31st.  In submitting his application for spousal sainthood, I am ignoring the fact that he had a major ulterior motive - namely, he is a red-velvet-cake-a-holic.  The blunch was just a fortuitous cover.  I was sort of surprised when he showed up with the small ("serves 8-10") rather than the large ("serves 18-20") and complimented him on his restraint - at which point he looked embarrassed and mumbled, "They didn't have the red velvet in a large."

The fact that the box was, itself, red and white was icing on the cake (wince).  Cake not pictured, but it was delicious - every bit as good as the ones that come out of the Southlake bakery.  Welcome to the neighborhood, N.B.C.!

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