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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fun on the Interwebs: Birthday Express

E-mail in my inbox from Birthday Express encouraging me to check out their "Boy Themes."  No boy birthdays at our house until October, but, hey, a little recon never hurt.

Theme #1:   Robots.  Not the animated movie "Robots," just robots generally.  General is better in my book.  And good to know that they have this stuff in stock, given that Parker is going to turn seven this year, and space is the traditional seventh birthday theme for boys.  You did know that there are traditional birthday themes for boys, didn't you?  Like the traditional anniversary themes that they used to list in the back of those free Hallmark pocket calendars?  Based on empirical data collected at our house, fourth birthday is Thomas, fifth birthday is Batman, and sixth birthday is . . . well, let's see, Connor opted for "adventurers" (pirates, knights and Vikings), and Parker selected "Batman . . . again."  And Batman is the Dark Knight, sooooo - sixth birthday must be knights.  Yeah, that's it.

Seventh was space for Connor, so we'll see if Parker continues to follow in his footsteps.  If he does, Birthday Express is ready for him.

Theme #2:  Star Trek.  The new "rebooted" version.  Both boys are BIG fans.  So file this one away under the category of "space party options."

Theme #3:  Marvel Super Hero Squad.  Non-starter.  My boys are DC fans all the way.  I think we had a red Hulk action figure at one point, but it was a birthday gift from a friend who was unaware of the boys' "no Marvel" policy.  The dog devoured it.  Because, apparently, the dog got the DC memo.

Moving on . . . .

Theme #4:  Tom and Jerry.  What the what?  Are T and J cool again?  Who knew . . . .

Theme #5:  Mr. Men and Little Miss.  This one is on clearance - and for good reason, I think.  Doesn't scream "boy" to me.  Particularly given the pink and yellow color scheme, and the fact that Little Miss is prominently featured on every item.  Not even seeing Mr. Men, actually.

Theme #6:  THE PIG.  (You have to type it that way, IN ALL CAPS.)  Again, not screaming "boy."  Although boys can be pigs. 

Theme #7:  The Wizard of Oz.  Really?  Now they are just being ridiculous.  Unless this is targeted at the "early adopter of alternative lifestyles" grade school community.  

Insert "Friend of Dorothy" joke here.

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