Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Friday, January 28, 2011

Things I'm Digging: Scout by Bungalow!

I am obsessed with bags, boxes and bins, and we all know that I'm all about the whimsy, so discovering Scout bags and the Bungalow! Web site was akin to being called home by the mother ship . . . if the mother ship was constructed out of brightly colored paisley ripstop nylon.

The Scout people get points for offering a variety of highly socially useful products in a variety of cheerful prints, and they get mega-bonus points for doing so with humor. Products include the "Junque Trunk," the "Smash Cache" (it collapses, duh), the "Shouldah Bin" and the companion "Couldah Bin," the "Be-Low Me" (subtitled "Under the Bed Stow-age") and the "Got Issues" (for magazines).

My favorite patterns, based on names alone, are "Strawberry Pop Tart'n" (a plaid) and "Elvis Paisley" (self-explanatory).

Check out the collection at

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