Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Monday, January 31, 2011

Kid Stuff: Letter of Recommendation for a Feline

Found in one of Connor's old creative writing journals; footnotes mine:

My cat is a genius. He can answer any addition problem you ask him.  If you say, is four plus four eight, he will twitch his left ear.  Mainly if he moves his left ear it means yes and if he moves his right ear it means no.

I am thinking of taking him to a pet show. I think that he would win first prize. Even if he did not win I would still love him. No matter what happens Max is the best cat ever. FN1

Max is the smartest cat ever. FN2  

He might even be smarter than me. FN3

If he is smarter than me then he is really smart. I hope he is smart but I don't want him to be smarter than me. FN4

That would be wrong - really, really, really wrong.

FN1: I tend to agree.

FN2: Um . . . yeah. For the record: Max is dumber than a stump.

FN3: Way to toot your own horn there, kid. Although - considering that Max is on an intellectual level with the aforementioned remains of a dead tree - saying that he's smarter than you doesn't say a whole lot about YOU. So, really, you're selling yourself a bit short.

FN4: Ah, refreshing little kid honesty.

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