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Personal Statement

Monday, January 24, 2011

Kid Stuff: TCU Gollum

Okay . . . in my child's defense, the attached image represents an attempt to step up his drawing A game.  As in, we have moved from beady eyes to eyes with irises and pupils.  We are also taken note of the existence of eyebrows, eyelashes and foreheads.

We just need to work on our proportions a bit.  And, you know, maybe depict the eyelashes as being CONNECTED to the eyelids, versus floating in the general region where eyebrows ought to go.

I have titled this one "TCU Gollum."  He could also be "Valentine's Day Gollum."  Not sure if we're supposed to be focused on his shirt ("TCU Rhools!") or the overall heart motif.  Myself, I'm too preoccupied with, you know, the overall creepiness of the piece to focus on particular details.  This is not "The Kramer":  when I look at it, I don't find myself thinking, "It's repulsive, and yet I cannot look away."    Instead, I look at it with one eye shut, then quickly divert my gaze . . . and then fight the urge to hide the scary thing in a drawer.  The reason that I have to fight this (I think quite rational) urge is that . . . Parker thinks that this is his masterpiece.  Precisely BECAUSE of the piercing but anatomically correct eyes, the floating lashbrows and the broad expanse of forehead - the very things that scare the bejeepers out of his mom are points of pride to my small son.

"Look, Mom, I'm drawing like a big person.  And I drew this for you, because I love you.  See, I wrote it on the top."  Aw, how sweet - but, also, aw, DANG, because now I am forced to display TCU Gollum on the fridge. 

If you happen to witness me running through the kitchen with a hand flung over my eyes, please don't judge.

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