Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Order - It Ain't Just an Eighties Synth Pop Band

I am imposing order on my blog life in the new year, in the hope that there will be a trickle-down effect into other facets of my existence (yeah, don't hold your collective breaths). In the grand tradition of day-of-the-week panties and those tea towels featuring crudely embroidered ladies smiling their way through menial household chores (I actually kind of like those towels - they are ironic), I present . . . THE DAY-OF-THE-WEEK BLOG.

Daily themes will be as follows:

Monday - Kid Stuff (hopefully humorous essays about parenting and children in general, primarily featuring my own small fry)
Tuesday - Eat This (recipes and things-that-are-recipe-adjacent)
Wednesday - Adventures in Party Planning (alternating between adult and kid party concepts)
Thursday - Fun on the Interwebs (self-explanatory)
Friday - Things I'm Digging (really, this could be anything coming under one of the prior four categories, or it could be a product review - I'm big on creating hedge positions for myself)
Saturday - Potpourri (because one hedge position just wasn't enough)

And on Sunday, she rested.

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