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Personal Statement

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Adventures in Party Planning: The Perfect Plate

Cakes are a little bit about taste, and a little bit about presentation.  Hence my husband's obsesh with Nothing Bundt Cakes - they are scrumptious, and they also serve as the centerpiece.

I thought about my husband when I saw this cake plate.  P loves him some cake (he's not particularly selective as to type - fudge is always a winner, and also red velvet, but he's kind of an "any pound cake in a storm" guy when it comes right down to it).  And why have a normal-sized piece of cake when you could have a really huge one?  Hence the unit of measurement known in our extended family as "one Parnell."  As in:  "Yes, I would like some cheesecake.  One half of a Parnell, please."  The hostess then knows to take a typical XL Parnell-sized serving and reduce it by 50%.

This cake plate breaks it all down.  It's called the "Wheel of Portion," and it's by Wild Eye Designs.  Available wherever whimsical kitchenwares are sold.  (Not really, but you can find it online at a couple of retailers.)  In case you were wondering, "one Parnell" falls somewhere in between "midnight snack" and "sharing optional."

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