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Personal Statement

Friday, July 29, 2011

Things I'm Digging: A Whole New World of Halloween Costume Options

Now that I have (1) grown my hair out past my shoulders and (2) decided to live with my natural curl (at least until pool season ends), I have a number of intriguing Halloween costume options at my disposal:

1.  Jessie from "Saved By the Bell".  I think I had this exact headband in high school.  Only problem is, Jessie really bugged the crud out of me . . . and then she went on to be a stripper in Vegas.  So, all things considered, I'd prefer to straighten my hair and go as Kelly Kapowski:

80sTees actually sells this Kelly Kapowski sweatshirt, complete with the Flashdance crop job.  Parnell would need to wear an appropriate Zach Morris shirt:

2.  Felicity.  I never actually watched this show, but I was aware of it, and of Keri Russell's hair.  And now I look at Keri Russell's hair in the mirror every morning.  It would be a very easy costume to put together:  style my hair as usual, put on a tank top and some jeans, and alternate between looking angsty and looking wistful.

3.  Jeannie Bueller.  Again, the hair would pretty much take care of itself.  I would need a pink cardigan, some pieces of flair, a messenger bag, some funky shoes . . . oh, and a Charlie Sheen.  Guess that would be Parnell.  Or he could be Ferris - but wouldn't that be kind of icky, given that they were siblings and all?  Ooh, he could be Cameron Frye.  I had an odd crush on Cameron when the movie came out (summer before my last year of high school?).  He seemed tortured, and I liked tortured.  That would be an easy costume, too:  a hockey jersey, and BOOM.  But if I were Parnell, I would opt for Charlie.  I'm guessing that more than a few folks will go the Charlie route for Halloween, but this would be a subtle Charlie reference.  And subtlety at Halloween wins points in my book.

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