Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Monday, July 25, 2011

Kid Stuff: Parker M., Brother Inspector

The scene:  Big Brother and Little Brother were tussling, Big Brother was face down on our bed, feigning injury, and Little Brother wanted to get him moving again, to demonstrate to Mom that "he's-faking-so-please-don't-punish-me-because-I-didn't-actually-hurt-him."  Little Brother was armed with a flashlight (not sure why) and had also heard his mother and father talking about the weird mold smell that, within the last 24 hours, started emanating from the area near the front door, raising the question of whether we need to hire a home inspector.

So Little Brother essentially climbs on top of Big Brother's back and starts examining him from head to toe, using the flashlight.  Then, in a voice that was not his own (Little Brother likes to do voices) - kind of a bubba voice, and much deeper than his own - Little Brother begins his assessment:

"Yup, yup.  We're gonna need to add a third butt cheek over here [inserts flashlight into the waistband of Connor's jeans), and also a third leg.  AAAAAAAAND a second crotch, and a second head.  We'll start with the head.  COMMENCING BRAIN SURGERY NOW."

Big Brother's shoulders started shaking a bit, although he remained face down - no doubt so that he could muffle his laughter.  Mom was laughing as well.

Every night's a different show.

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