Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fun on the Interwebs: Tour of the Food Network Prop House

I don't want to be Sandra Lee (although being the semi-first-lady of New York might be cool, at least for a little while), but I would LOVE with a capital L (and a capital O, a capital V and a capital E) to be her set dresser.  I am obsessed with her color-coordinated serving pieces, which always perfectly match the theme ingredient, and which also match the valance on the (probably faux) window above the sink.  Oh, and the Kitchen Aid mixer always matches, too.  I wondered what they would do, mixer-wise, when the episode on coffee came up - given that (at least at that point in time) there was no brown Kitchen Aid option. 

Answer:  copper.  Excellent save.

Click HERE to link to designer Eddie Ross' tour of the Food Network prop house.  Confirmation that my dream job would be a dream with a capital D (and a capital J).  Oh, and check out the rest of Eddie's blog as well, as he showcases some really cool party concepts.

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