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Personal Statement

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fun on the Interwebs: Locker Lookz

Found this site by accident while searching for boy-appropriate back-to-school geegaws.  I have no use for Locker Lookz' products, given that my eleven year-old is not in the market for locker wallpaper, or an ACTUALLY FUNCTIONAL, MAGNETIC CHANDELIER . . . but good, sweet Lord, if I was an eleven year-old girl again, I WOULD WANT THIS STUFF.  All of it.  The (also magnetic) wallpaper locker surround, the magnets topped with big, fluffy color-coordinated gerbera daisies (trimmed with rhinestones, natch), the shag carpet (!) and the chandelier.  Def the chandelier.  Maybe not the hangy-down one, but the one with the damask drum shade.  Yeah, I need the drum shade.

Okay, stop me before I start accessorizing a locker that I do not possess.  Buy this stuff for your daughters, share photos with me, and allow me to live vicariously through your girl children.

Web site is  Products are available at some retailers (allegedly including the Hallmark store on Bryant Irvin, right here in The Fort), but it would be so much more fun to order stuff online, because you can experiment with color schemes and product combinations in a virtual locker.


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