Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Monday, August 15, 2011

Kid Stuff: I, Robot (And Aliens Made of Cheese)

Nothing like the specter of a pending unwanted move to motivate you to clean out drawers.  Found Connor's creative writing journal from the first semester of second grade - and, in the process, fodder for this and no doubt several other blog posts.  Enjoy.


1.  Think of what kind of robot you are going to make.
2.  Look at what other people have made.
3.  Gather materials needed.
4.  Make a blueprint.
5.  Start building it.
6.  Test it.
7.  If it does work find someone to manufacture it.
8.  Think of a price so people can buy it.
9.  Collect the money.
10.  Maybe buy a beach house.
11.  Make more robots to comfort you and to sell.
12.  Buy more beach houses.
13.  Use extra money to start a TV show.


Once upon a time there were some poisonous cheese invaders.  They were pretty much like vampires except they were aliens, had a poisonous bite, and they were made of cheese.  One day in June they invaded Earth.  They set all of the buildings on fire.  With their metal octopus sea turkeys.  Once they got to the end of California they fell into the ocean.

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