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Personal Statement

Friday, August 5, 2011

Things I'm Digging: Nissa Lisa Shirts and Octopus Boys

I have been a big fan of Etsy seller Nissa Lisa for some time.  Her monster-appliqued hoodies and jeans epitomize little boy chic.  But I am a HUGE fan of her new (to me, at least) appliqued graphic tees.  Specifically, I am coveting this one:

Good gosh awmighty, this shirt has Parker James written all over it.  In fact, it leaves me wondering if my darling younger child isn't, actually, factually, an octopus.  He is definitely capable of gnawing off his own arm when he is "really hungry" - which is, like, all of the time.  The kid has a slow leak somewhere, and has had one since birth.  The nurses on the maternity ward nicknamed him "The Barracuda," in recognition of the way that he would scrunch up his face and thrust his lips outward when he wanted to nurse. But maybe they were wrong.

Maybe he is, actually, factually, an octopus.

I mean, he is a bit grabby.  Lately, his primary means of getting my attention is to reach out and honk "the girls." Which, I guess, is sort of explainable.  They are fairly prominent.  And stationed at his eye level.  And he is a boy.  Possibly - no, probably - of the octopus variety.

I [heart] my Octopus Boy.

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