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Personal Statement

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Adventures in Party Planning: Breakfast at Tiffany's

Loved having the opportunity to decorate for the ADPi Founders' Day breakfast this morning, because I have wanted to play with a "Breakfast at Tiffany's" theme for awhile, and what better tie-in for a sorority whose colors are blue and white and whose symbol is a diamond? I will admit to getting a bit of a kick out of watching the TCU ADPi's photographing the tables: "I HAVE to pin this to my Pinterest board." Guess that's a thumbs up. Maybe we will make "Tiffany's" an annual thing? Diamonds are forever, after all.

(Alphie is the name of our lion mascot.  I couldn't resist.)

The "diamonds" in the vases are glass chips.  Credit Friend Cynthia - fellow UT ADPi (and this year's Founders' Day chair), my executive advisor when I was Junior Woman's Club president, and one of my regular partners-in-crime - for coming up with that idea.  Helps that her family is in the glass and mirror business.  [Insert plug for AAA Glass & Mirror here - oh, wait, I just did.]

I couldn't resist setting up a props table.  And I have to say that, after posing for a few photos myself and then leaving on my tiara and cat-eye sunglasses while taking down the decorations, I totally get it now:  tiara plus dark shades equals instant mood brightener and look picker-upper.  Making note of that for my next bad-hair and/or bags-under-eyes day . . . .

Next up:  C's post-Confirmation lunch tomorrow AM.  Then the Junior Woman's Club Past Presidents' Luncheon, Friend Robyn's baby shower and Woman's Club Magnolia Luncheon . . . .  And then the NEXT party I hope to host after that is an open house IN OUR ACTUAL HOME!

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