Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Countdown to the New Old House: Momentum

Last Friday:  Realized that we miscalculated the total square footage of our kitchen countertop - not in our favor, in terms of overall cost.  Cursed.  A lot.

Yesterday:  Got revised bids - one for a 2 cm countertop, and one for a 3 cm.  Was advised that the only difference between the two was a matter of aesthetics.  Decided to go with the 2 cm, since I didn't particularly like the chunky look.

Today:  At the last minute, said "what the hell," ordered the more expensive 3 cm, and then ordered an edge that will make it look skinnier.  Yes, I realize that this makes absolutely no sense and is totally out of character for both of us, as we generally don't opt for "more" simply because it's "more."  Did I mention that after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, we learned that the total cost of our mistake in calculating square footage was $200, even if we went with the more expensive option?  Yeah, so, moving on.

Broke land-speed records to get the contract and half of the contract price to the contractor.  And in return, contractor agreed to fast-track some stuff for us (see below).

Also today:  Ordered the backsplash.  Pressed tin, in a creamy white satin finish, with a clover design; like this, but, you know, NOT COPPER:

Spouse and I both immediately gravitated to the clover, which I attributed to our shared Irish/Scotch Irish heritage - until Easter morning, when I practically ran into this fountain in the church courtyard:

So now I'm thinking it's a Methodist thing.  Or maybe just a Gothic/Tudor Revival thing.  Or maybe we gravitated to a Tudor house because of the other two things?  Whatever.  It works for us.

Backsplash is MUCH less expensive than the countertop - ridiculously so.  On the plus side, it allows me to justify my countertop.  AND it goes up with just a little Liquid Nails, which makes me tremendously happy, because SOMETHING about this process should be easy as pie.

Of course, at the last minute, I added switchplate and outlet covers (to match the backsplash) to the order, which nearly doubled the cost, and which means that various covers already purchased (as part of the Bataan Death March that was my Lowe's shopping experience) will have to go back.  But that's okay, because we changed up some outlet configurations, so some returns were a given.  And, also, I have rethought the faucet for the bar sink, and I have to make that exchange immediately because . . . well, keep reading.

Tomorrow, at oh-dark-thirty AM:  Template for countertop is being prepared.

Friday:  Countertop is being fabricated.

Next MondayCountertop is being installed.  How's that for service, peeps?

After next Monday:  Appliances go in.  Hardwoods go down.  Carpet goes down in Spouse's office.  Baseboards are installed.  Etc.

Is it soup yet?  No, but we're moving from a simmer to a rolling boil.

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