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Personal Statement

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Catching Up Is Hard to Do

Things I have failed to blog about, because I have been consumed with house stuff:

The pizza-off:  It was awesome.  I think my favorite was the entry from Missouri.  (You read that right.)  Loaded with greasy sausage, but not too filling, because they kept the crust thin.  Seriously, you could eat several slices and feel like you had room for more.  On second thought, this is a HORRIBLE pizza concept, destined to put you in an early grave.  If you live in Missouri. If you live in Texas, then I guess it's acceptable as an occasional taste treat.

My entry did not win points for taste.  I followed the recipe to the letter, down to the made-from-scratch dough, because I didn't have time to experiment with other dough products.  The result was way too dense, and the dough-to-filling recipe was off.  Next time, I will use refrigerated dough - if there is a next time.  Because I don't really see myself introducing these into the rotation. Way too labor-intensive.

But they won style points:

Yes, those are pizza cupcakes.  With Batman toppers - and grape tomatoes masquerading as cherries.  Icing is ricotta, and sprinkles are dyed sea salt.  There's mozzarella, pepperoni and sauce hiding under the "frosting."  Cool, huh?

Not delicious - just cool.

St. Pat's:  You saw the Lucky Charms treats - but I did not share with you the s'mores.

Because s'mores are traditional St. Patrick's Day fare.  Corned beef and cabbage, potatoes, a stiff pint, and a S'MORE.  Right?  Okay, PJ totally thinks that s'mores should be part of St. Pat's, YEAR IN AND YEAR OUT:

That, ladies and germs, is a happy kid.  Do you like his green shirt, with the Star Wars "Class of '77"depicted on the front?  Big Brother immediately pointed out that Yoda was not part of the Class of '77; he was Class of '80.  Here are the thoughts that ran through my head immediately prior to his comment:

Cute shirt.

Except Yoda wasn't in "New Hope"; he didn't show up until "Empire."

C's totally going to say something about that.   In three, two, one . . . .

It's fun sharing a brain with your twelve year-old son.  Most of the time. 

Spring Break:  St. Pat's capped off a fun staycation week for the McGlincheys.  Couldn't leave town, due to frequent command performances at the house - plus, the last time we went out of town, THE HOUSE ALMOST DROWNED.  So I feel like I need to be around, to administer CPR when and where appropriate.

We couldn't go out of town - but we could, and did, go bowling:

And then we played putt-putt:

And drove go-karts:

And navigated bumper boats:

And hit the batting cages:

Not pictured:  trips to the arcade and the movies.

Just to clarify:  all of the above did not rate me "coolest mom ever" accolades.  That took two teaspoonfuls of chocolate frosting.

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