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Personal Statement

Friday, April 20, 2012

Kid Stuff: The Guyble

[Scene:  The backseat of Mom's car.]

Little Kid, apropos of nothing:  You know, getting into a fight with a girl is a lose-lose.  If you lose, you're a wimp, and if you win -

Little Kid and Big Kid in chorus:  You're a jerk.

Little Kid:  JINX!  You owe me a soda.

[Editor's note:  I have told him a thousand times that the correct phrase is "buy me a Coke."  He insists on paraphrasing.  On account of how he is not a big fan of Coke, and, also, on account of how his brother is unemployed and possessing of limited funds, so realistically his brother won't buy him a soda so much as hand over one that he has appropriated from us.]

Mom from the front seat:  Okay, you both said that like you'd heard it somewhere.  Was it on a TV show?

Big Kid:  Nope, it's from the Guyble.

Mom:  The . . . Guyble?

Big Kid:  Yup.

Mom:  As in, "guy Bible"?

Little Kid:  Yes.  It's a thing, Mom.  IT EXISTS.  ON THE INTERNET.

Mom:  So, it's a Web site?  Like Bro Codes?

Big Kid:  Bro Codes is a CHAPTER of the Guyble, Mom.  Like Dude-a-ronomy.

Mom:  Is Dude-a-ronomy really a thing?

Big Kid:  Yup.

Little Kid:  Mom, is there such a thing as a Girlble?

Mom:  Did you say gerbil?

Little Kid:  NO.  GIRL-BLE.  Like, a girl Bible?

Mom:  Yes, it's called Seventeen Magazine.  Well, that's the Old Testament equivalent.  I guess Cosmo would be your New Testament.  Never mind, let's not get into that.

On my to-do list:  checking out The Guyble.  Suspecting that it is targeted to a slightly older audience than my boys, but kinda intrigued, and also more than a bit amused.

[Gerbil anatomy chart courtesy of]

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