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Personal Statement

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Adventures in Party Planning: Playing Catch-Up

As promised (um, two months ago), some tablescapes from Reading Rocks:

Fancy Nancy. Love her.

Pinkalicious. More girl power.

Now a few for the boys:

Table was "Dragon Slayer Academy"-themed, but the concept could be adopted for anything knight-related.

LEGO Harry Potter! Credit my friend Melissa Hickman (and her boys) for this one. Imagine adapting this for a party: the kids get to build, and Mom gets her centerpiece built for her. Win-win.

One more from Melissa:

Um, the doubloon-covered display pedestal? Yeah, it turned. AND lit up. Because Melissa's husband is amazing and dedicated. (My spouse would probably like me to mention that he hauled wallboard for murals for weeks prior to the event, and fetched tipis and saddles and stuff from parts west. So his failure to construct a spinning, glowing LEGO display platform is excusable. Somewhat.)

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