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Personal Statement

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Adventures in Party Planning: Aye, Robots

The speaker at last week's "Reading Rocks" benefit was Dan Yaccarino, creator of Oswald and author of a number of other well-loved children's books.  As a result, a lot of the table themes were DY-inspired.  One of my favorites was the one pictured above, centered on DY's "If I Had a Robot."  Digging on the recycled 'bots, and DEFINITELY digging on that tiny bathtub.

Here are some other tin can robots for your consideration.  This one, like all good 'bots, is socially useful - he stores cutlery in his cranium and cookies in his abdomen.  Design is from Family Fun magazine, and the clear pail in the center is from ($3.99 for a quart, $6.99 for a gallon).

The kids and I tried our hands at these funky 'bots a few years ago.  Ours were modular:  I bought clean paint cans at the hardware store, heavy-duty magnets to go on the inside and a variety of hardware to create features on the outside.  Because we used magnets rather than permanent adhesive, the features could be reconfigured and traded out as the kids saw fit.

I love the one top left, with the copper wool 'fro.

Can't find an attribution for this image, but it's adorable - wrapped boxes, assembled into a robot shape.

These tiny 'bots also come courtesy of Family Fun.  They are Valentines, and the bodies are made of folded cardstock.  I would convert these into individual treat robots, using small paper bags for the bodies, and then adding candy bar feet and round candy eyes.   Arms could be foil-wrapped sticks of gum?

Finally, I'm crushing on these robot invitations from Invitation Monkey - particularly because they come in a pink and green "girl" variety.  I adored robots as a kid (specifically I wanted a droid for a pet - either R2D2 or Twiki from Buck Rogers or that robot dog from Battlestar Galactica), and I would have been all over a girly robot option like white on rice.

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