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Personal Statement

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Adventures in Party Planning: Super Bowl Edition

Super Bowl Sunday is a week away, which means that it's time to get out the big Rubbermaid tub o' football decor. The football chip and dip set pictured below, along with the tumblers (Williams-Sonoma's "Vintage Football" line) and matching plates, were purchased at a silent auction a few years back. They were bundled with some really cute centerpiece fixins - a clean kicking tee and football, a couple of ref flags, etc. I've added to the stash over the years. The latest addition: an Astroturf table runner. The guy at Home Depot cut off my overexplanation and assured me that women come in and have long strips of Astroturf cut all of the time - particularly in September and January.

Not shown here, but take my word for it that they are totally cute - dip spreaders shaped like megaphones with real pompom trim.  It's the little things, you know?

Sandra Lee had a couple of ideas in her fall entertaining mag that I may steal in the future.  Idea #1:  use white boards (the kind that coaches write plays on) for TV trays.

Idea #2: use sweatbands for . . . various things. Sandra used them for napkin rings, but I can't imagine a football party that I would throw that would be fancy enough to involve flatware bundled with a napkin. More likely, I'm going to be shoving flatware into the football tumblers shown above and putting out a pile of paper napkins - but I'm thinking that wristbands would look cute around a beer (bottled or canned), while also being semi-functional?

Here's a tablescape from the Everyday Celebrating blog that is super-cute, and I think that sweatbands are in the mix somewhere (on the napkins?).  How cool are the jerseys as chair covers?  Love that idea.

Ducks shown above were purchased after Parker's fifth birthday - and after I deluded myself into thinking that I would start making rubber duck glycerine soaps for all occasions. Hence, the ginormous box from Oriental Trading chock full o' duckies - Mardi Gras ducks, Cupids and Easter bunnies, purple football players and cheerleaders for TCU football season, werewolves and witches and nutcrackers, oh, my! Except that I haven't made a duck soap since I made the superhero ones for PJ's Justice League party. The novelty wore off, I guess. What I have been doing is thinking of creative ways to use ducks. Lots and lots of ducks. These mini football versions are going on cupcakes for the kids. Also toying with the idea of adding white icing laces to brownie pops to look like footballs.

And . . . since the Packers are playing, I get to break out the cheese hat! Yes, we have one - the official Foamation model that my husband convinced a member of the Wisconsin basketball band to give to him after we watched Wisconsin play Purdue in the NCAA tourney, circa 1995. For sixteen years, I have been moving the cheese hat from residence to residence, wondering when, if ever, we would do something with it. And now fortune has smiled upon us.

Like I said, it's the little things.

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