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Personal Statement

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eat This: Supersized Super Bowl Enchiladas

This may be my shortest post of all time.  Several folks have requested the recipe for the layered black bean and chicken enchiladas that I made on Super Bowl Sunday.  I considered retyping this, and then thought, "The heck with it - I'll just share the link."

Incredibly easy, very hard to screw up (unlike the National Anthem, apparently).  I was talking to one of my favorite five year-olds, one Miss Lauren Grace, as I was assembling multiple pans of these in her mom's kitchen, and I completely botched the layers on the first one.  Didn't matter - proving my theory that if you top something with enough cheese, what's underneath doesn't matter all that much.  For our largish (in number, not in girth!) Super Bowl crowd, I used two big disposable pans, tripled the recipe and split it half and half.  If I had it to do over, I would throw in an extra can of enchilada sauce (so four total) for my supersized version.  But, again, the cheese made it all good . . . .

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