Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Things I'm Digging: Invitation Monkey

I have never seen myself as a sales rep kind of girl.  Over the years, I have spent a small fortune on Southern Living at Home and 31 Gifts merchandise, but the idea of acquiring my own "franchise" did not appeal.  Then my retail friend Carrye (I call her my retail friend, because we became acquainted after I started purchasing items from her Web site) decided to offer a limited number of sales rep opportunities, and I told her to sign me up.  Reasons:  1) I love her stuff, and I can recommend it unequivocally; 2) I'm starting to suspect that we were separated at birth (she's an artist/mother of two who thinks she missed her calling as an attorney and enjoys writing fiction on the side, I'm an attorney/mother of two who thinks she missed her calling as an artist and enjoys writing non-fiction on the side . . . also, we both dressed our sons up as Indiana Jones for Halloween, and we share an obsession with sock monkeys); and 3) I like living vicariously through her.  See the parenthetical in 2), above.  Realistically, I'm never going to get my act together and turn my art avocation into an actual vocation.  But Carrye is living that dream, and I like the idea of helping her take it to amps on eleven.  Link to her store is here:  Waiting on a shipment of Valentine's from her and, in my current snowed-in state, am surfing her site, contemplating various flat note purchases . . . .

I'll be posting "friends and family" specials here from time to time.  And thus ends tonight's shameless plug!

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