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Personal Statement

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Adventures in Party Planning: Night Sweats

So Friend Robyn and I are gearing up to decorate the heck out of Ridglea Country Club for the 2012 "Reading Rocks" benefit, which means that I have southwestern decorations on the brain (more on that later).  Also, this week, I am helping with decorations for Junior League's Christmas in Cowtown, which (if you couldn't guess based on the name) has a southwestern theme.  As a result, my brain is on "southwestern-themed special event" overload, which explains why I woke up this morning, panting like I had just run a marathon, and freaking out because, in my very vivid dream, WE WERE DECORATING FOR READING ROCKS AND, AFTER WE WERE  75% OF THE WAY FINISHED, I REALIZED THAT WE WERE USING THE GOLD BOOTS THAT GO ON THE BIG CHRISTMAS TREE AT CHRISTMAS IN COWTOWN, NOT THE STUFF THAT WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE USING FOR READING ROCKS.  In other words, I had mixed my decorating chocolate with my decorating peanut butter - but, to Dream Me, the result was nowhere near a Reese's Cup (which, I would submit, is the most perfect candy EVER.)   Then my husband walked into my dream and handed me an estimate for our kitchen redo, and the number on the piece of paper had ONE ZERO TOO MANY AT THE END, and I started screaming - in the dream, that is.  I'm almost positive that I did not actually scream in the waking world.  But I suppose that it's possible.

Calgon, take me away.  (Too many retro advertising references?)  Am now headed back over to CiC, where I will photograph some of the fabulous decorations and share them with the blogosphere.

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