Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Event: Life in Exile

How we're biding our time:

1. Taking advantage of apartment living. There's a hill behind our building. Hills are conducive to box sledding (and box surfing). And one thing that we have got going for us right now is a surplusage of boxes.

When we are not box sledding, we are climbing trees:

We also have to walk the dogs.  This is very exciting, as it involves picking up poop in the common areas with a plastic bag, which (apparently) is far more exciting than picking up poop in the backyard with metal tongs.   Parker initially was so jazzed about walking the dogs that he actually requested an early wake-up call to ensure that he would be able to participate:

(Note left on the fireplace in the master bedroom.)

This request was significant, in that Parker does not wake up easily, nor does he wake up particularly willingly.  (I should point out that the novelty of the early morning walk wore off early in week #2.)

2.  Arts and crafts.  The other day, during a mom-and-son art session, I started drawing sugar skulls and suggested to Parker that he draw some as well.  He declined and announced that he was drawing a pigeon instead.

Then he suggested that I draw a pigeon.  So I put a (somewhat perplexed) pigeon under the sugar skulls.

Parker then decided that sugar skulls were cool after all, and so he drew two luchador versions:

I responded by drawing some collegiate skull dudes:

Which inspired Parker to create his minimalist  "Texas" skull.

Good times.  Good times.

When Mom gets tired of coloring, she sews.  These chair covers were made out of tea towels:

The chair covers will look much cuter on my antique ladderback chairs than they do on the leather chairs that the insurance company rented for us.  But you get the idea.

3.  Baking.  I am bound and determined  to consume all of the perishables in the apartment before we move back to the house.  Thus, I have been doing a lot of baking.  Exhibit A:  cake balls.

Exhibit B:  oatmeal chocolate butterscotch bars.

Exhibit C:  Chocolate cupcakes with homemade buttercream icing.  I mixed Halloween sprinkles into the batter.

When iced, my cupcakes looked like this:

Parker's cupcakes looked like this:

I was still finding sprinkles on the counter the next day.  Here is another example of his cupcake design aesthetic:

Appetizing, huh?  My sous chef insisted on going shirtless during our baking sesh.  I didn't fight it - probably a Health Code violation, but the Health Department was nice enough not to stop by that night, and it's SO much easier to hose him down at the end of things when he's basically naked.

4.  Playing with swatches.  Yeah, that's happening a lot these days.  Probably should have made it the first item on this list.

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