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Personal Statement

Friday, October 21, 2011

Things I'm Digging: Fisher-Price Gets Its DC Comics On

PJ asked for (and is getting) this for his birthday next week (it's okay, he doesn't read my blog):

I pointed out that he already has an Imaginext Bat Cave, to which he responded, "But that one is long.  This one is TALL.  They are totally different.  And I could put them together and have one huge Bat Cave that is both long AND tall."  I could not argue with this logic; it was the same logic that I used on my own parents, vis-a-vis multiple Barbie Dream House products.

So now we will have four different Bat Caves, three of them coming courtesy of the Fisher-Price Corporation.  PJ has conceded that the Thomas the Tank Engine stuff and the Little People pirate ship and castle can go into "granchild storage" when we return to The House, which will allow him to set up all of the Bat Caves on the train table, along with his Imaginext Oa play set.

In recent weeks, we have acquired an Imaginext Flash and Hawkman, and my grandma is giving him this Clayface for his birthday:

The great thing about Clayface:  when Ace the Batdog cannibalizes him (it's actually not cannibalism when he gnaws on a Batman villain, as opposed to a member of the Bat Family - when he chews on a villain, technically he's just doing his batdog job), it will be difficult to tell that he's been partially digested, since he already looks like a shapeless lump.

It's ironic that we just conceded that we are all, collectively, too old for Fisher-Price Little People, and almost immediately thereafter I learned about this addition to the Little People product line:

SERIOUSLY?  You introduce a Little Person version of Wonder Woman NOW?  When my youngest child is about to turn seven, and I am, um, considerably older than that?  If you think that that is going to dissuade me from purchasing a Little Person Wonder Woman of my very own, you are sadly mistaken.  She is going on my desk.  And then, ultimately, into "grandchild storage."  On the off chance that one of my kids breaks the all-boy cycle in my husband's family, my granddaughter will benefit from my pre-planning.

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