Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Monday, October 17, 2011

Kid Stuff: Dia de los Crafters

When we brought the Halloween decorations over to The Apartment, this was at the bottom of the Rubbermaid tote:

Random pieces of ribbon, a bunch of skull-shaped light covers - junk, but junk ripe for conversion into decorations for our new Halloween tree.

I can do all things with my glue gun, which strengthens me. 

The tree, and this skull, inspired PJ and me to do a little mom-and-son painting:

I took my inspiration from the skull and the oilcloth that I currently have on the dining room table.

PJ took his inspiration from . . . well, wherever a six year-old boy gets his inspiration.

We also collaborated on this piece:

If Dia de los Cupcake is not an official holiday, it should be. As should Die de los Crafters.

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