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Personal Statement

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Potpourri: A Short Trip Down Pumpkin Patch Lane

Having a little trouble coping with the idea of my kids being as big as they are this Halloween.  That, and the fact that I will be spending this Halloween in exile, make me nostalgic for bygone days.

This is our oldest in his first Halloween costume, circa Y2K:

Cute, huh? No part of his costume looked like innards - no hint of disembowelment whatsoever. Also absent: blinking LED lights.  Just Polar fleece and baby socks, the kind with the little no-skid dots on the soles.

It was a much simpler time.

Here he is the following year, playing in the pumpkin patch at Mainstay Farms:

The hair's pretty much the same. And the smile. Yup, I'm gonna focus on the hair and the smile.

The last two pictures are a bit grainy, because they were taken using a product called "film."  The images, I believe, were scanned onto a disk, which I inserted into the computer, and I saved the picture image onto my computer.  It was all very complicated.

Maybe it wasn't such a simple time after all.

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