Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Monday, October 24, 2011

Kid Stuff: Prank'd

Seems like Ashton Kutcher has his hands full these days - perhaps on multiple fronts.

Fortunately, my six-year-old* is ready to step into the breach.

(* Soon to be seven, thank you very much - he gets mad if I don't acknowledge that his personal odometer is about to flip.)

Apparently, Little Bro handed Big Bro a note this morning while Big Bro was - um - indisposed.  The note was written on all four sides of a piece of notebook paper that had been folded into a little booklet, but one that opened top-to-bottom, not right-to-left - imagine, if you will, a tiny replica of a steno notebook.  On the "front cover" were the following words:

When you are finished pooping, flip me over.

"Back cover":

You have been prnkd [pranked].  Signed, PJ

(Note:  I don't know for sure if Big Bro actually finished pooping before "flipping over."  He's a law-and-order type of guy, so he probably waited.)

On the inside pages:

I really love prnkng you.

Oh and I love you too.

Clearly, we need to work on our pranking skills - and our spelling.  But isn't that kind of sweet?  In a kind of creepy, only-a-little-bit-gross way?

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