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Personal Statement

Monday, March 28, 2011

Kid Stuff: Batman Mom

I think that "Batman Mom" is the title of a book that Parker made for me.  I am not sure, because the "title page" (if that is, in fact, what it is) appears at the end of the book.  It could be a dedication page - but, again, its placement is ambiguous.  I would ask Parker what his intent was, but I am not entirely sure when this masterpiece was created, and I rather doubt that the creator will remember it.  Judging by its placement in the lower stratus of the "toy jail" bin, I would presume that it has some age on it.  (You know, as a small child, I really, really wanted to be an archeologist, and it occurs to me that, thanks to my boys, I get to live a little bit of that dream every day:  "Hey, I wonder how old this drawing is?  It's in close proximity to Connor's third grade report card, which means that - take Connor's age, subtract five - Parker would have been about three.  Oh, and here's a Slurpee cup which, based on the cheese curds at the bottom, had milk in it and has been languishing here for - oh, say, four days.")

Book lays out as follows:

Page 1 (I guess):  One day Dracula rose from the dead.

Page 2:  He turned evrybuttey (everybody) into vanpiers (vampires).

Page 3:  But then Batman saved them.

Page 4:  Batman [image of Bat emblem] Mom [oversized period].

Parker likes to emphasize his thoughts with VERY LARGE PERIODS.  As in, if you squint at the page, it looks like he has ended all of his sentences with the letter O, and then filled in the O's.

Page 2 features a drawing of Gothamites fleeing in terror, and there are blood droplets everywhere.  Page 3 features Batman looking like the bad-*** dude that he is, exclaiming "YES!" and - is that a fist raised in the air?  Because it's so in character for Batman to be emotional and exultant . . . oh, wait.  Okay, apparently in Parker's alternative Batman universe, Batman is a bit more demonstrative, and - apparently - likes to fist-pump, a la Jersey Shore. 

Hey, it's long been speculated that Gotham is located somewhere in New Jersey.  Not making that up.  Ask either of my walking Batman enclyclopedias, and they will tell you.

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