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Personal Statement

Monday, March 21, 2011

Potpourri: My Name is Kathryn, and I am a Shopaholic

Dear friends and frequent partners in crime (you know who you are): if you hear me say that I need to go shopping, incapacitate me by any means necessary. Then confiscate my wallet.

I spent Sunday "flipping" my closet (from fall/winter to spring/summer) and integrating new shoe purchases. It seemed like an appropriate day to do this, given that it was the first day of spring.

When I say that I spent Sunday working on this project, I am not exaggerating. We're talking sunup to sundown here.

I almost gave up after I took a good look at my shoes.

Houston, we have a problem. These are not all of my shoes - just the ones that are in frequent rotation. I am starting to wonder if my husband is not on to something when he wonders out loud, "Exactly how many pairs of black shoes does one person need?"

Fortunately, I had help:

With guidance from these furry organizational experts, I found room under the bed for several of the boxes. Notwithstanding that I added a couple of pairs over the weekend (okay, four), they are better organized now than they were before. Ditto my handbags.

Here is the finished product:

All of my tops and skirts are attractively organized! The tops are organized by color! But not in ROYGBIV order, because that would be entirely too anal retentive. Also, I didn't think about ROYGBIV until just now.

I am really enjoying my tower - you know, the one that my spouse suggested and that I said was a horrible idea but he was right and I was wrong (yes, P, you read that correctly - YOU WERE RIGHT, AND I WAS WRONG).  What I particularly like is that there is space on each shelf for two bins (for folded clothes or accessories), plus a couple of handbags, with space out front for easy access to sunglasses, bangle bracelets, belt buckles, etc.

My go-to shoes, in missing man formation (I can't find my cheetah haircalf pumps):

And finally, two of my favorite closet items:  my birthday tiara (every princess needs a crown), and my bottle of Febreze.

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