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Personal Statement

Monday, March 7, 2011

Kid Stuff: Lunar Retail Outposts and Other Crazy Talk

Miscellaneous recent utterances from the boys:

Parker:  Mom, the new episode of "Star Wars:  The Clone Wars" comes out in TWO WEEKS.
Me (mistaking this for enthusiasm - and, truth be told, sort of half-listening):  Oh, okay.  Great.
Parker:  Mom.  Did you HEAR me?  I said TWO WEEKS.  FOURTEEN DAYS.  That's just CRAZY TALK.  I cannot be expected to wait that long.

Dad (driving past a major area of highway excavation, adjacent to a shopping center):  Wow, this area is starting to look like the surface of the moon.
Connor (from the backseat, without looking up from his book):  If the moon had a Kohl's.

Parker (upon arriving at Dinosaur World in Glen Rose, Texas, and seeing the three-dimensional dinosaur skeleton embedded into the side of the visitors' center):  MOM!  TAKE A PICTURE OF ME AND CONNOR NEXT TO THE DEAD TRICERATOPS!

Parker (apropos of absolutely nothing):  Mom, when I was three years old, I blew up Malaysia.

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