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Personal Statement

Friday, March 4, 2011

Things I'm Digging: Klutch Licensed Apparel

Bought the most adorable TCU mesh bag the other day (manufactured by Get Ready Girls):

Also bought this adorable top:

I'm ready for tailgate season . . . and it's only March.

Tag said that the shirt was made by Klutch, so I looked them up on the Web . . . and fell deeply in love.

Some of their collegiate selections are below.  In no particular order, I like that their designs are sexy-cute, not sexy-slutty.  I like that they have all sizes - junior, missy, plus and maternity.  I like that they have things that you can wear if you are boobalicious (as I am).  I like the fact that they feature boobalicious models (and not necessarily stick-skinny ones), so you can see how things will actually look on your frame.

I like the fact that you can get maternity shirts that say "Kick-Off in Progress" and "It's Not a Baby, It's a Football."

I want all of the selections pictured above - well, except for the maternity one.  And I want them in UT orange and/or TCU purple, obviously.  The OU and A&M examples are just that.  But . . . the Auburn navy and orange stripes are pretty darned tough to beat.   Wonder how they would translate into purple and white.

I plan to find out.

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