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Personal Statement

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Countdown to the New Old House: It's Really Happening

You may recall my kitchen of many colors, from a prior post.  That's it on the left.  Same kitchen is on the right.  That's a new sheetrocked column in the corner.  Hopefully, the pantry and cabinets for that corner will now tee into each other perfectly.  Note, also, all of the lovely, MONOCHROMATIC WHITE surfacing.  And the fluffy foam insulation between the floor joists.

Sheetrock penetrations in walls and ceilings have been patched.  Hardiboard is going down in the kitchen today, and by tomorrow everything should have some sort of subfloor.  I examined, and rejected, a baseboard sample this morning (yes, it's possible to have strong opinions about baseboards - we have the tall kind, and the sample material wasn't deep enough, which threw off the proportions).  Next to the baseboard sample was a strip of hardwood, which - merciful God in Heaven - appeared to be the correct color.  Boxes and boxes of its brethren are piled in C's bedroom, ready for liftoff.  Painting, I believe, comes next, once baseboards are a go.  In furtherance thereof, I have taped paint chips and instructions on walls in every room in the house, and I also e-mailed my specifications to the contractor in the spirit of "belt and suspenders."

I just got off of the phone with a lovely woman at the Pro Source showroom confirming my kitchen and bathroom tile and grout selections.  Contractor has my tub and faucet specifications for the boys' bath, the medicine cabinet that we are having built for us arrives on April 3rd, new light fixtures and bath fan have already been installed, and all that remains to be purchased for that room is the pedestal sink.

We have a target date for kitchen cabinet installation, and large samples of Cambria composite quartz countertop material are en route to me via two-day air.  It cost me more to ship the samples than the samples cost themselves, but I need to have them in hand sooner rather than later, and a childhood friend who owns a granite and tile business advised me that I will not regret seeing a big piece before I pull the trigger on my countertop selection.  (If nothing else, I figure that, with the addition of silicone feet, the samples will make excellent cheese boards for future parties?)

Long story short:  this is actually happening, people.  I was starting to think that this day would never come.  But it's here.


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