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Personal Statement

Friday, March 9, 2012

Countdown to the New Old House: Let's Get This Party Started . . . FINALLY!

Thanks to the intercession of general contractor/structural engineer/all-around great guy Sam Chambers (that's SAM CHAMBERS of ENGINEERED DESIGN CONSULTANTS, who can be reached at either 817-235-4199 or, things are finally progressing at the house, in a logical, structurally sound fashion, to the extent that:

Crawlspace insulation is going in over the next couple of days;
The remnants of the old kitchen (old backsplash and that portion of the fur-down that Spouse didn't punch out with his bare fist) are coming out; and
New sheet rock is going up.

All of the above make me deliriously happy.  And they also signal that the time has arrived to begin purchasing the eighteen trillion items that I have pinned to my "Final Finish-Out Selections" Pinterest board.  Recessed medicine cabinet was ordered today and will be built and shipped to us by the first week of April.  In the meantime, I can at least advise the contractors of the size of the hole in the sheet rock that it requires.

In the next few weeks, we'll need to pull the trigger on:

The pedestal sink for the boys' bathroom;

The granite kitchen sink that costs as much as a car payment;
The faucet for the granite kitchen sink that costs almost as much as a car payment;
The other ridiculously expensive kitchen faucet;
The induction range and double oven combo, price of which I DON'T EVEN WANT TO THINK ABOUT;
A microwave to mount over said range/oven combo; and
A dishwasher that isn't a fire hazard.

Oh, you're wondering about that last item?  Well, we had a (KitchenAid) dishwasher all picked out, and then we found out that said dishwasher has an unfortunate tendency TO IGNITE WITHOUT WARNING, sometimes even when it isn't running.  THEN we did some research and learned that the same people who manufacture KitchenAid dishwashers manufacture the majority of other dishwashers on the market, and - guess what? - ALL OF THEM have been catching on fire.  Correction:  SOME OF EACH TYPE have been catching on fire.  So it's possible that you could purchase an XYZ model and never have it catch on fire, OR you could have one of the super-special self-igniting units, AND YOU DON"T KNOW WHICH ONE YOU HAVE UNTIL YOUR HOUSE BURNS DOWN!  It's like playing the lottery, except if you "win" instead of getting money you lose all of your belongings - which, I guess, would be a lot more like "losing."

Anyway . . . we scrapped plans to get THAT dishwasher, or any of its brethren, and then we turned to our Facebook friends and asked for non-igniting dishwasher recommendations.  Turns out that a great number of our Facebook friends are Bosch fans.  More like Bosch fanatics - really, really rabid ones.  Seriously, I'm not exaggerating.  I now suspect that it's some sort of a cult - perhaps a front for L. Ron Hubbard.  But I am pleased to join the cult, because it apparently does not involve things spontaneously bursting into flames.  So it's a really pleasant cult in that regard.

I fully expect to be taught the handshake when our dishwasher is delivered.

My new game is to see how much 529 account money I can bank by ordering stuff for the house through links from the Upromise site.  My new Pottery Barn bedding put $7.80 into C's college fund, and I see that both Best Buy and Sears are offering to contribute 4% of your total purchase through March 31st.  And I distinctly remember receiving a Best Buy gift card for Christmas from one of Spouse's brothers, so double bonus, right?  Range/oven is coming from AJ Madison, which only offers 1% back, but 1% of RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE is not nuttin'.

I am also having an insane amount of fun ordering paint samples from  My beloved Benjamin Moore recently stopped stocking those little paint tester cans (well, they have them, but only in a handful of colors), so if you want a tester you have to have them actually mix a small can of paint for you.  This irritates me.  Buuuuuut . . . My Perfect Color will sell you a standard sample size of a Benjamin Moore paint color, mixed into actual Benjamin Moore paint.  Annnnnnd . . . they will mix up other retailers' colors as BM paint as well.  Annnnnnnd . . . paint testers were ON SALE this week.  So I got six - all BM colors, although I had a brief flirtation with a Pratt & Lambert vis-a-vis the master bath.  But then I found THIS on Southern Living's Web site:

The girls at Southern Living are also notorious Ben girls, so of course I knew that his was his paint (I have decided to officially anthropomorphize him) - and it was.  It's called Lush.  When I looked up Lush on Ben's Web site, he informed me that Lush looks great with both Wind Chime and Palladian Blue, which happen to be my kitchen and dining room colors, respectively.  So, clearly, I AM SUPPOSED TO LOVE LUSH.  Which I think would look awesome next to my shower curtain:

I also like Lush because:  (1) it looks nice with tan, like the tan that is going in the adjacent master bedroom; (2)  it's the same intensity as said tan; and (3) it reminds me of my "Martha green" kitchen countertops, which are going bye-bye, and which I will miss.

Spouse points out that we currently have a green bathroom next to a tan bedroom, but I tell Spouse that THIS green is not THAT green, which is more of a true seafoam, and therefore terribly outdated, and likewise the OLD tan is way more yellowish than the NEW tan, which is browner and a little bit olive-y.  At this point, Spouse's eyes glaze over, and I am reminded of this illustration:

That's Spouse on the right (and me on the left, rocking the low-heeled mid-calf boots).  Poor boy:  his parents only ever sprang for the eight-crayon box.

Note to friends of this blog who have been in my house:  If I end up painting the master bathroom Lush, and if Lush ends up being the exact same shade of green that it replaced, DO NOT BREATHE A WORD.  Spouse might hear you, and then I will never hear the end of it.  And I won't need to be told, because you know that I will figure it out right away, given that I always had the 64-crayon box, with the sharpener in the front.

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