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Personal Statement

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Puppy Party

PJ's "friend since wombhood" LG (seriously, we have her ultrasound photo in his baby book) celebrated her seventh birthday with a "puppy party" on Friday, and I had to share some pics.

Photos above:  party favor stations.  The kids adopted [small stuffed] puppies and then loaded up on small-scale puppy accessories (collars, frisbees and "Scooby Snacks").

Photo below:  the awesome cupcakes.  I had a sheepdog.  He was delicious.

Naturally, we also had hot dogs.

The girl guests enjoyed wearing puppy ears and noses.
PJ, not so much.  We started out strong and even offered to carry in LG's gift basket (notwithstanding that it was pink and contained, among other items, a sequined cocker spaniel purse).

Then we discovered that we were the only boy in attendance - on account of how the birthday girl suggested to her male classmates that, notwithstanding the fact that they received invitations, the party really ought to remain a "girl party."  (Gotta love seven year-olds.  Don't think she'll make the same gaffe twice - not after her whip-smart mother pointed out that she had managed to reduce her gift intake by half.)

Anyway, PJ mostly kept to himself until his brother and some other older males showed up for the after-party.  Guess we're entering the "girls have cooties" phase.  I did tell him to remember this day and to let me know when he gets around to acknowledging that a ten-to-one girl-to-guy ratio is NOT THE WORLD'S WORST SITUATION.

Whereas PJ refused the puppy ears and nose, Big Bro went right to them:

Ultimately, a good time was had by all - to the extent that the McGlincheys didn't clear the joint until midnight, and two sleeping boys (including a rather oversized one) had to be carried to the car.  It helps that our temporary digs are just down the street - we really could have walked, although that would have made transporting the two sleeping people a bit more difficult.

Happy birthday, LG!  Glad that we are friends - and temporary neighbors.

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