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Personal Statement

Sunday, December 11, 2011

11 of 25: Fifth Street Angels

[Photo of Chrismon tree at our church.  If you don't know what a Chrismon tree is, you may not be a Methodist.  Or a Lutheran.  But that's okay - to each his own.]

My mother-in-law, herself the mother of FOUR boys (and a card-carrying United Methodist Woman with mad Chrismon-making skeelz), has a phrase for the phenomenon where a (boy) child is a hellion at home but comports himself completely differently in polite company:   "House devil, street angel."

We experienced a miracle on Fifth Street last Sunday:  the Small One sat essentially perfectly still for three hours.  He participated in the 9:30 "Children First" service and enthusiastically listened to the three choirs and 40-piece orchestra that were part of the 11:00 "Music Festival" service.  HE EVEN LISTENED TO THE SERMON.

He only spent fifteen minutes out of the three hours playing on my Blackberry, and that was between services. And he played "Word Mole," which is an educational word-building game, for Pete's sake.

I checked him for fever roughly ten times over the course of three hours.

The Big Kid lucked out:  he had confirmation class first hour, so he was stuffing toiletry bags as part of a mission project until about 10:45, but he, too, was respectful and attentive during the music service.  Not one punch was thrown.  Oh, and he voluntarily wore a coat and tie.

I also checked him for fever multiple times.

If I were cynical, I would say that they knew that Santa was watching.  But, really, I think that they are just growing up.

We'll see how they do today . . . .

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