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Personal Statement

Sunday, December 18, 2011

18 of 25: Fashion a Festive Christmas

Fun with clothing, courtesy of my holiday Pinterest board.  (Check yesterday's post for the link.)

Elf leg warmers made from Christmas socks, courtesy of Haydie Potatee's Etsy site:

Also on my Pinterest board - socks turned into coffee sleeves.  These would make a great gift for a neighbor or teacher, wrapped around an empty paper coffee cup with a Starbucks gift card tucked inside.

If you get invited to a tacky sweater party this year, consider bringing the host or hostess a bottle of wine tucked into its own Cosby sweater.  Love these cozies from ScrappyLynn's Etsy site:

And, finally, if you are giving someone two shirts for Christmas, consider putting one shirt in a box, and then wrapping that box with the other shirt.  Saw this idea in Country Living Magazine; love the vintage brooch pinned to the shirt in the picture below.

Holiday fashions:  they aren't just for wearing anymore!

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