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Personal Statement

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

14 of 25: When Fanboys Bake

These are what pass for Christmas cookies at Casa McGlinchey:

On the left:  Yoda.  Duh.

On the right:  Jango Fett.  See, he's Jango, because his helmet is bluish instead of greenish.  If he was greenish, he would be Boba Fett.

It's really quite tragic that I know that.

I tend to keep things simple when I'm decorating cookies with the little kid:  add the color directly to the dough, and decorate with just one color of royal icing.  Well, a non-color.  Specifically, white.  Sprinkles:  also white.  Nothing to stain the counters or little hands.

We also baked shortbread "message cookies" (featured above) and peanut butter cookies - the old-fashioned kind with the criss-cross fork marks.  Very boy-friendly, and definitely boy-approved.

Next on the baking agenda:  gingerbread dinosaurs.  A McGlinchey holiday tradition.

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