Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Sunday, December 4, 2011

2 of 25: The Ubiquitous Holiday Card

So I bought the boys matching green-and-white gingham button-downs and had them monogrammed in red, intending to snap some pictures over the weekend for holiday cards. And then the following things happened:
  • The rainy, cold weather moved in;
  • I had to bring a truckload of commercial leasing work home with me;
  • While plowing through said work, I opened Shutterfly in a window in my browser and finished putting together our annual family calendar between lease paragraphs;
  • In perusing through our family photos, I made note of the statistically significant number of shots featuring our family near a body of water, our children being goofy, or our family near a body of water while our children are being goofy;
  • In proceeding to the "Order" page, I made note of the many cute holiday photo cards available at a 30 percent discount now through December 4th; and
  • I decided to just go with it.
I mean, really, nothing says our family more than this does:

Photo calendars for the grandparents: ordered. And, along with them, our holiday cards. Done, and done.

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