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Personal Statement

Monday, December 12, 2011

Apropos of Nothing: RG3 Is Super, But He Picked The Wrong DC Comics Metaphor

For the record, I was cheering for Robert Griffin III to win the Heisman before he showed up sporting DC Comics footwear.  And he didn't really need the socks to prove that he was a superhero.  To paraphrase a friend from high school who attended RG3's alma mater, he did the impossible:  HE MADE BAYLOR RELEVANT.  (That's not coming from me, people.  I am quoting an actual Baylor alum.  Don't hate the player, hate the game.)

But I do question his choice of DC Comics footwear.  Not simply because he went with Superman, and, IMHO, Superman is WAY inferior to Batman.  I just don't think that Superman is the correct metaphor for a quarterback.

Batman is the general.  The quintessential team leader.  The play caller.  The guy with a multitude of weapons in his arsenal who is flexible in his thinking and knows when to go with an exploding batarang and when to break out a can of bat shark repellent.

Substitute "the run" for "exploding batarang" and "the pass" for "a can of bat shark repellent," and you have RG3, or Vince Young (the UT Edition, not the NFL Edition).

Superman is all about brute strength.  Superman plays on the line.  And Flash, clearly, is a running back.  But Batman is the QB.   Period, paragraph.


Katy said...

From a proud Baylor alumni, SIC 'EM BEARS! SO proud of RG3, regardless of what socks he wears :)

Manic Momma said...

Agreed! The award was fully deserved. In addition to his obvious talents, you have to give him credit for having the self-confidence and sense of humor to wear ELMO SOCKS on national television. :)