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Personal Statement

Saturday, December 17, 2011

17 of 25: There's SNOW School Next Week, MAN!

Methinks that a celebration is in order. A snowman-themed celebration. Starting with donut snowmen:

(Image courtesy of Family Fun.)

Can't have donuts without milk:

(Image courtesy of the Bakerella blog.)

The Little Kid would get a kick out of an ice cream snowman with a marshmallow head:

(Image courtesy of Luxefinds.)

Big Kid doesn't care for ice cream, but I bet he'd like one of these cookies:


(Image courtesy of the Be Different, Act Normal blog.)

We also have a snowman cookie cutter on hand. And - law of averages and all - at least one of them is bound to break. In which case we totally oughta ice it like this:

(Photo courtesy of Glitterdeli on Tumblr.)

(For links to the sources referenced above, visit my holiday Pinterest board:

1 comment:

Bridget David said...

oh my goodness! how adorable! I love the snowman cookies and snowman donut guys. :)