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Personal Statement

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

13 of 25: Top Ten Lists and Favorite Things

In lieu of a "year in review" Christmas card letter, I am once again resorting to image boards. (Hey, I'm a visual person.) I may get around to creating some for the grown-ups in the family at some point, but let's be realistic - these things are never about us, are they?

Top ten 2011 milestones and memories for the Big Kid:

1.  Signing off as an elementary school Stu Co rep.
2.  Demonstrating how tornadoes form and winning the group Science Fair prize along with two of his buddies.
3.  Trip to Camp Carter and luau party to mark the end of fifth grade.
4.  Winning the academic achievement award.
5.  Second year on the dive team and first year to swim the individual medley in competition (but we're still a backstroker at heart).
6.  Spending the majority of his summer at Ridglea (shown here participating in the Memorial Day bellyflop competition - in a fake mustache).
7.  Science camps galore - LEGO robotics, Battle Bots and computer animation.
8.  Last summer as a day camper at Camp Thurman.
9.  First day of sixth grade at the JP Elder Academy of Science and Art.
10.  Whiz Quiz as a blood sport.

Some of the Big Kid's favorite things in '11:

1.  Horseback riding.
2.  Anything science-y.  (Shown here puzzling over aeronautical things at the Museum of Science and History.)
3.  Skateboarding.
4.  His cat Max.
5.  Diving.
6.  Swimming.
7.  His buddies, new and old.
8.  Apparently, growing out his hair.  (We have stopped calling him Justin Bieber, because his coloring is too fair.  Instead, he is "Trouty Mouth" from Glee.  He does not object to the comparison, because he knows that it is dead-on.)

Top ten 2011 milestones and memories for the Little Kid:

1.  First year playing soccer for the Jedis.
2.  Limo ride to Chuck E. Cheese (along with big brother) in recognition of being a top PTA fundraiser seller.
3.  Having his art featured in a public display at the Fort Worth Library's main branch.
4.  First year as a Camp Thurman camper.
5.  Really starting to swim and dive, after flirting with the idea of following in the Big Kid's footsteps.  (Early indications are that we have a small butterfly specialist on our hands.)
6.  Shark birthday party.
7.  Bye, bye, baby teeth!
8.  First day of first grade in Ms. Teichelman's class (and first year to fly solo without the Big Kid at our campus).
9.  Moving out of the house and learning more than he ever wanted to know about apartment living.  (Hey, he'll be ready for college.)
10.  Cutting the front of his hair and not telling anyone about it.  (Mom had her suspicions, and Hairdresser got him to fess up.)

Some of the Little Kid's favorite things in '11:

1.  Batman and all things Batman-related (pictured:  The Joker).
2.  His buddies.
3.  Reading chapter books, particularly scary ones.  Goosebumps are a go-to favorite.
4.  His great-grandmother and Ace the Batdog.
5.  Ice cream (pictured here on a stick, but he'll take it any way that he can get it).
6.  NERF guns.
7.  Drawing.  Drawing anything, on any surface, using any medium.  Kid's an artist.
8.  Star Wars:  The Clone Wars.  (Pictured here wearing a clone trooper helmet that his brother made for him out of paper.  Not making that up. Brother's an artist, too.)
9.  Trying out his brother's skateboard - for a nanosecond here and there.  He has a healthy fear of it - and that pleases Mom to no end.

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